About Us

The Little Doggy Daycare

is exactly what the name entails…

a daycare that caters to small dogs.



Family Style Service
We are a family owned and operated daycare that provides a safe indoor space for your little ones to play and socialize with others their own size.

Quality Comfort
Of course, there are also lots of comfy beds and blankets for them to sleep in if they choose to.
Our facility is spacious with floor to ceiling windows allowing lots of natural light in.
Expert Supervision
Your fur babies will be supervised 100% of the time they are at our daycare by DOGSAFE Canine First Aid staff.


Potty Party
We will take them out several times throughout the day for potty breaks to ensure that they stay potty trained.
Community is Important
Giving back to the community is important to us, and you can help too! With every package purchased, we will donate a portion to a local animal shelter.
Rescue Discount
Plus, if you have a rescued fur baby we will offer you a 10% discount on any service!
Family Discount
***15% off for multiple dogs from the same family.


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